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The Engineering Establishment (tee)

The Engineering Establishment (TEE) is a trusted supplier of grinding mill liners and general wear resistant liners for the mining industry. TEE strives to provide cost efficient, lasting products to ensure efficient mill operations.

TEE design all products on CAD

Computer trajectory simulations are done on mill liners to provide the optimum liner configuration with the best balance between grinding efficiency/ liner life/grinding media wear.

Regular liner inspections (followed by relevant reports) are undertaken when needed.

TEE are able to supervise, assist or undertake complete lining installations.

Our Products

TEE designs, manufactures and supplies, among others, the following products:

Products & Solutions

Rubber mill liners

Rubber mill liners Increase wear life and reduce downtime in medium to fine grinding applications.

Chute liners

Chute liners are used to transfer ore  from the feed conveyor belt into the mill.


Pan liners & pulp lifters

Pan chute liners are used to transport pulp once it has gone through the discharge grates.

Flotation cells, spares, Central Cones, Rotors

TEE manufactures new flotation spares (rotors and stators).

Ceramic spigots.

TEE supplies nitiride bonded silicone carbide spigots.

Trunnion liners

Trunnion liners are potential failure points in a mill as these liners protect the mill journal from wear.

Lip liners

Lip liners are being used on certain types of mills to ensure a smooth transition of the ore from the feed chute into the mill.

The cost saving properties of rubber liners

Beside electricity and grinding media, mill liners are the highest operating milling expense. TEE liners are designed to obtain the lowest overall grinding cost (liners/balls/electricty) and maximum grinding efficiency.